Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry VISION


If you introduce and implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, your ministry will multiply over time.


If you are beginning your ministry, Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry offers a solid foundation.

Complete the introduce phase by engaging with the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry notebook, and attending a JFYM Forum.


If you already equip volunteers, parents, and students, Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry provides excellent training and resources.

Take plenty of time to implement by using the JFYM Coaching tools to guide you. Soon your local ministry will begin to multiply.


If you invest in other youth leaders, consider Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry your transferable training tool.

To multiply your ministry, explore the opportunity of becoming an Eagle Leader who coaches other leaders through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.



Eagle Leaders

This distinctive three-stage, relational process increases the depth and breadth of your ministry. Repeated over time, this process equips and multiplies more and more leaders and churches to reach and disciple teenagers – nationally and globally!

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Parent Resources
Israel Ngirababo

The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum was one of the most important training experiences I have ever had in my life. I was so excited that I called 32 bishops representing various churches in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo and shared with them what I had learned."

Israel Ngirababo
(Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo)