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Multiply ministry through unique coaching opportunities!

Once Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry has been effectively implemented and a youth leader expresses a desire to mentor and multiply Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry with other youth leaders, then he/she applies to become certified as an Eagle Leader.

During the certification process, a potential Eagle Leader explores four opportunities:

Praying Over 300X225Lead Others Through JFYM

An Eagle Leader can both host and assist with leadership at a Forum. Over time, an Eagle Leader may be trained to conduct his or her own Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forums.

Coach Other Church Teams

Both locally and through various relationships with other leaders, an Eagle Leader can mentor others through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.

Adopt a Global Cross-Cultural Mission

An Eagle Leader invests in leaders in another culture, whether across the street or around the world. This can express itself through an existing church partnership or through one of several international trips with Reach Out to train indigenous leaders. Mentoring leads to multiplying rather quickly in these cross-cultural environments.

Recruit Younger Generation Supporters

Eagle Leaders have relationships with other people who have a heart for God and for kids. When an Eagle Leader connects these people to the global vision of equipping leaders and reaching kids through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, then mentoring and multiplying opportunities expand. Whether through praying, giving, or going, Reach Out enjoys connecting people with resources to people with little or no resources. We like to identify individuals with a heart and a vision for the younger generation.

Hundreds of Eagle Leaders in over 30 countries have engaged in this mentoring and multiplying approach.

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Hector Garcia

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry teaches me to see Jesus as the model of my ministry--to relate to Him and to people deeply. Relationships are the essence of this strategy."

Hector Garcia
(Cuidad Habana, Cuba)