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Coach others through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry!

Only 10% of all people trained in new skills actually implement what they learn. Yet 80% implement when they have a mentor to guide them. Eagle Leaders implement Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, and then mentor others to do the same. Through this process, Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry is multiplied. This represents a major paradigm shift in youth ministry.

Eagle Leaders introduce, implement, and multiply—a three-stage process described below.


At the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum (or a similar venue) a younger generation ministry team—pastor, youth pastor, children’s minister, all youth ministry and children’s volunteers, parent leaders and even student leaders—refocuses on Jesus’ simple approach to life and ministry. Together they discover how to put that into action in their lives and ministries.


After the Forum, the team implements their unique “Plan of Action” in their church, in their own lives, and in the community.  Over time, they see the younger generation become fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus. The Reach Out Youth Solutions team equips them as they go through the JFYM Coaching process.


Once the team implements Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, individuals can become Eagle Leaders—who in turn mentor others to do the same. Participation as an Eagle Leader provides an opportunity not only to affect one’s own church but also, over time, countless other churches.

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Michael Pumphrey

This was very challenging, convicting, but yet refreshing. It really helped me to see areas of weakness within my youth ministry and how to go about correcting them. It brought me back to the foundation...Jesus""

Michael Pumphrey
(Minerva, Ohio)