Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry COACHING

Ministry Assessment

How do you get everyone in your ministry on the same page?

Bring together your church’s key leadership—pastor(s), youth pastor, children’s ministry, volunteers, parents, students—to identify the factors that cause you not to be on the same page, and then to strategically move everyone toward a common vision, focus, and plan.

On Site Assessment Option

Over two days, key leaders will give honest input on where the disconnections are and what they see as the vision for the church in reaching the younger generation. This takes place through a series of interviews with an opening and closing large group session.

As a result, leaders will see clearly the most significant disconnections that keep them from being on the same page, the church’s unique vision for younger generation ministry, and their personal and practical direction for how to go forward to solve the disconnections and accomplish the vision.

Off Site Assessment Option

An off site option is available using technology. It will follow the same format as the on site option, and accomplish the same results.

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Bishop Zabulun

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry is a treasure! I want all of my leaders to implement this fully and I am going to lead by example. "

Bishop Zabulun
(Bujumbura, Burundi)