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Leader Retreats

How do you take your younger generation ministry to the next level?

Reach Out can lead retreats for your leaders to focus on one or two elements of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry—Go Deeper/Pray with Passion, Build Leaders/Disciple Students and Penetrate the Culture/Create Outreach Opportunities.

Using a one or two day schedule you will deepen, develop and launch your leaders. The themes of the three retreat options:

  • Deepen Leaders in their intimacy with Christ by exploring the Pray with Passion and Go Deeper elements of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
  • Develop Leaders by exploring the Build Leaders and Disciple Students elements of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
  • Launch Leaders by exploring the Penetrate the Culture and Create Outreach Opportunities elements of Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.
  • Combine…Reach Out can customize the content of these retreats to meet your ministry needs.

Consider the possibility of including other churches in your retreats.

As a result of these retreats, your leaders will own the younger generation vision, know their specific role in it, and have the tools to accomplish it.

To schedule retreats, email us at

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Brian Knight

The Forum provides a simple, easily communicated strategy that works. God has used it to help me refocus and head in the right direction."

Brian Knight
(Kuna, ID)