Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry STRATEGY


If you desire a radical return to Jesus and His way of doing ministry, then you want Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry!

The Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry strategy, training and resources produce life-change and equip life-changers through you. Your younger generation leaders—pastor, youth leader, volunteers, parents and students—gather around a common vision of Jesus and His ministry to discover how to:


  • Go deeper in intimacy with Christ
  • Pray with passion for God’s presence and power
  • Build leaders for in-depth and long-term ministry
  • Disciple students to move toward maturity in Christ
  • Penetrate the culture through relationships
  • Create outreach opportunities to reach students for Christ

Often younger generation ministries operate from the outside in. Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry functions from the inside out, flowing from the core of Jesus’ life, message and ministry. This serious shift redirects your vision, re-aligns your priorities and provides you with the practical tools to pursue God’s unique vision for your ministry. Experience this fresh approach with your church and become powerful agents of change with the younger generation!

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Hector Garcia

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry teaches me to see Jesus as the model of my ministry--to relate to Him and to people deeply. Relationships are the essence of this strategy."

Hector Garcia
(Cuidad Habana, Cuba)