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  • Jesus No Equal
    • Connecting with God – Play Audio
    • Embracing Jesus – Play Audio
    • Hurdles that Hinder – Play Audio
    • Taking a Snapshot of Jesus – Play Audio
    • Taking Jesus to Your Campus – Play Audio
  • Life Happens
    • Who am I? – Play Audio
    • Where am I going? – Play Audio
    • How am I going to get there? – Play Audio
  • Moving Toward Maturity
    • Expanding Your Influence – Play Audio
    • Leaving a Legacy – Play Audio
    • The Friendship and the Fear – Louie Giglio – Play Audio
    • The Indispensable Grace of God – Dave Busby – Play Audio
    • The Empowering Presence of God – Dave Busby – Play Audio
    • Personal Renewal – Dave Busby – Play Audio

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Alyssa, 6th Grade Student

I love your Bible Studies! We are doing the first one in the series for Servant Leaders. They inspire me to live a life that pleases God and others."

Alyssa, 6th Grade Student