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How do you experience LIFE?

Follow Jesus! He said it: Follow me…(Matthew 4:19). Do that and you will have LIFE, because Jesus is the LIFE (John 14:6). LIFEchange happens when you follow Jesus. That’s really good because love, joy, peace and other qualities of Jesus become part of your new LIFE.

How can your friends experience LIFE?

Through LIFEchange(r)s like you. Jesus gives you the rest of His plan: Follow me, and I will make you fisher’s of men (Matthew 4:19). God wants you to make a difference. When you discover how to become a LIFEchange(r) you can make a difference with your friends and in your school…soon they will make a difference with their friends…

Jesus will give you LIFE, change you and then use you to change your world!

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Erasto, Student

Joseph Chiteri reached out to me when I was not a believer and led me to the Lord. He continues to disciple me in God’s Word. In my life I have encountered great challenges, but I have overcome them because my pastor has been there for me. I have surrendered my life to share Christ with other young people."

Erasto, Student