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Parent Fuel Book

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Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids will fuel the fire in our most important relationships with Christ and our kids.

More than any other generation in history, today’s children and teenagers find themselves feeling isolated from caring adults. Our kids need love, security, and support from their parents now more than ever. How do we connect with a disconnected generation?

Parent Fuel makes that connection! It offers you a new perspective on parenting filled with possibilities. As a result of reading and applying this book, you will:

  • Move past your guilt over what you have not done.
  • Make your passionate pursuit of Jesus a priority.
  • Change from raising your kids by rules to raising them by God’s amazing grace.
  • Take steps toward connecting or reconnecting in your relationship with your children.
  • Relate to your children heart-to-heart.
  • Invest in a discipling relationship with your kids and their friends.
  • Help move your children from dependence to independence.
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Joseph Chiteri

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry filled in the missing piece of my ministry puzzle. Now not only am I reaching students with the gospel, but also I am able to disciple them to grow in Christ and in their service to others."

Joseph Chiteri
(Nairobi, Kenya)