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Audio messages by Barry St. Clair unless otherwise indicated.

A New Youth Movement

  • A Potential Youth Movement in America – Play Audio

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry

  • Sessions 1 & 2 – See the Big Picture / Pray with Passion – Play Audio
  • Session 3 – Go Deeper with Christ – Play Audio
  • Session 4 – Build Leaders – Play Audio
  • Session 5 – Disciple Leaders – Play Audio
  • Session 6 – Penetrate the Campus – Play Audio
  • Session 7 – Create Outreach Opportunities – Play Audio

Beyond What You Ever Imagined

  • God is Great Play Audio
  • God is Good  Play Audio
  • God is King  Play Audio

Disciple-Making: Inside & Out

  • Disciple-Making: The Journey Inward & Journey Outward Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: The Lost Art Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: The Big Picture Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: From the Heart Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: Through Relationships Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: Structured for Maximum Influence Play Audio
  • Disciple-Making: Tools Play Audio
  • Making the Investment Play Audio
  • Internal Disciple-MakingPlay Audio
  • Outward Disciple-Making Play Audio
  • The Lost Art of Disciple-MakingPlay Audio
  • Real Men Make Disciples Play Audio

Under the Waterline – Barry’s Story

  • Under the Waterline – Part 1 – Play Audio
  • Under the Waterline – Part 2 – Play Audio

Building Leaders

  • Dangerous Leadership – Play Audio
  • Barriers to Dangerous Leadership – Play Audio
  • Facing & Dealing with Life’s Dissappoinments – Dave Busby – Play Audio
  • Falling Passionately in love with Jesus – Dave Busby – Play Audio
  • Becoming Change Leaders – Dave Busby – Play Audio
  • The Friendship and the Fear – Louie Giglio – Play Audio

Parent Fuel

  • When God is First in Your Family – Lamar Slay – Play Audio
  • Seeing Your Kids Through the Gospel Prism – Barry St. Clair – Play Audio

Jesus No Equal

  • Connecting with God – Play Audio
  • Embracing Jesus – Play Audio
  • Hurdles that Hinder – Play Audio
  • Taking a Snapshot of Jesus – Play Audio
  • Taking Jesus to Your Campus – Play Audio

Life Happens

  • Who am I? – Play Audio
  • Where am I going? – Play Audio
  • How am I going to get there? – Play Audio

Moving Toward Maturity

  • Expanding Your Influence – Play Audio
  • Leaving a Legacy – Play Audio
  • The Indispensable Grace of God – Dave Busby – Play Audio
  • The Empowering Presence of God – Dave Busby – Play Audio
  • Personal Renewal – Dave Busby – Play Audio

Dive Deep Into Discipleship

  • Dive Deep Into Discipleship – Part 1 – Play Audio
  • Dive Deep Into Discipleship – Part 2 – Play Audio

The Gospel Is Better Than We Ever Imagined

  • The Gospel is Better Than We Ever Imagined – Play Audio
  • How Do We Influence Kids With The Gospel? – Play Audio

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I am very impressed with the Reach Out studies. I am only 13 and I am already getting closer to God. Not only is it good, but it's for a low price!"

Rachel, Student