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In Russia twenty-three million young people live across nine time zones, with another thirty million in the other former Soviet Union countries.


3 Men PrayingThe younger generation in Russia lives with the impact of a century of militant atheism, during which young people were forbidden to attend church. This has left a spiritually hungry generation and the church has had little idea about how to reach them. Yet now from Moscow to Siberia teenagers experience life-change, because youth leaders are discovering how to make disciples through Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.

See the recent Siberia trip video (2:03).
Pasha and Tanya Karyakin lead Reach Out’s ministry in Russia and across Siberia. For over 20 years Reach Out’s ministry in Russia has equipped and coached over 250 leaders, resulting in 20,000 youth leaders trained in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry, and tens of thousands of teenagers reached and discipled. Pasha and Tanya lead of movement to equip 1,800 churches in Russia in JFYM.  

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Click here to view the Siberia trip video (2:03).

Going Forward

russia-graduation-194x150Reach Out will:

  • Train 180 more Eagle Leaders to equip 1,800 churches in JFYM
  • Equip leaders in JFYM in Chita, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Mezhdurechensk, Kiselevsk, Perm, Salikamsk, Bereznyaki, Lysva, Krasnokamsk, Nyagan, Blagoveshchensk, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Svetly, Chernyakhovsk, and Omsk
  • Gather regional youth leaders to map out a plan to equip regional youth leaders in JFYM for a total of 52 gatherings

As a result, Russian churches will continue to grow as a fruit-bearing, multiplying movement that produces successive generations of well-equipped leaders who reach and disciple the younger generation.

Reach Out’s History in Russia

In 2013-2017, Reach Out’s Siberia team…

  • Led two Siberian Eagle Leaders Retreats with 10 Eagle Leaders from Kemerova, Novosibirsk and Novokuznetsk.
  • Conducted two Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Leaders Conferences.
  • Presented JFYM to the Church of Russia leaders in Perm and Moscow.

From 1996-2012, utilizing the JFYM strategy and curriculum, our Russia team, in partnership with other ministries, initiated training across Russia, as well as Belarus, Georgia, Tatarstan, and Kazakhstan. 18 Reach Out resources have been translated and produced in Russian. Perspectiva, a two-year youth leader training with selected leaders, has equipped and coached 82 regional leaders.  Those leaders have equipped and coached over 250 more leaders. Working in partnership, our Perspectiva grads have trained over 20,000 youth leaders in JFYM, and tens of thousands of teenagers have been reached with the gospel in 18 years. Five Perspectiva graduates have established their own JFYM mentoring centers.

In 1993, Reach Out began our ministry in Russia with the Commission movement  In conjunction with Josh McDowell we trained 400 youth leaders at a conference in Moscow.  People came from as far away as Siberia.  The ripple effect continues today.  Our USA team began training indigenous leaders, who began to lead youth leader training conferences.  Those leaders continue to lead our team until now.



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Mariuska Brito

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry confirmed my path with the Lord. Now I am closer to God. It has helped me to value relationships with students who are not yet believers and to invest in their lives."

Mariuska Brito
(Havana, Cuba)