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64% of Germany’s population belongs to a church, yet only 6% attend. This leaves young people with no spiritual and moral anchor. The need to reach teenagers has never been greater.


Germany, the land of Luther, may seem in spiritual decline. Yet youth movements, house churches, and the increase of visionary young leaders demonstrate a hunger for spiritual truth among younger generation Germans.

Lothar Jung, Andreas Schmidt, Markus Bartsch, Friedrich Troeps, Daniel Platte, and Jens Kehlen represent some of the visionary leaders who are implementing Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry in Germany. 

germany-group-240x150Christliche Verlagesellschaft has published Reach Out’s books in German and leaders across Germany utilize these resources to reach and disciple students. A growing network of experienced youth leaders have come together in Germany, Austria and other surrounding countries. They equip younger generation leaders who mentor other youth leaders in Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry.

Reach Out’s History in Germany

2013 Reach Out has halted our training endeavors in Germany due to a change in leadership therefore a resulting lack of interest. However, all training and resources are ready to engage as soon as a German leader steps forward.

2011-2012 led by Andreas Schmidt, Reach Out conducted a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry (JFYM) Forum in Reinsdorf, East Germany for 30 youth leaders from a region that was formerly behind “the Berlin Wall.”Daniel Platte hosted a JFYM Forum in Besenfeld for 70 youth leaders representing over 20 churches from southern Germany.

2010 Reach Out conducted a JFYM Forum in Rendsburg, Northern Germany. Markus and Anita Bartsch invited local youth leaders from surrounding Brethren churches and mentored them in implementation after the training. 

2009 Barry spoke to 1,100 teenagers on “Finding Yourself” and equipped 20 more youth leaders in JFYM.

2008 Eric Ball addressed 700 German youth leaders on “The Heart of a Youth Leader” and led a team that equipped 25 German leaders to implement JFYM in their churches.

2007 Reach Out conducted a JFYM Forum in Siegen, Southern Germany.

2006 Christliche Verlagesellschaft published most of Reach Out’s books in German. Barry introduced JFYM to 700 youth leaders. Eric Ball spoke to 1,500 teenagers at a youth conference.


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Mariuska Brito

Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry confirmed my path with the Lord. Now I am closer to God. It has helped me to value relationships with students who are not yet believers and to invest in their lives."

Mariuska Brito
(Havana, Cuba)